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ASP.NET Core: Metrics

6 minute read

In this post, I add some metrics to ASP.NET Core application. We’ll discuss why monitoring is so important and how we can deal with it.

ASP.NET Core: Logs (Part 3)

3 minute read

Today we’ll discuss a quite convenient tool for logging called Seq. It’s the last post about logging in ASP.NET Core application.

ASP.NET Core: Logs (Part 2)

5 minute read

In the first part, we were looking at a simple console logging with Serilog. Today we’ll go deeper and will deal with a more complicated example.

ASP.NET Core: Logs (Part 1)

5 minute read

Logging is one of the most important things in your application because it helps you to understand what happens in production, to find the roots of exception...

ASP.NET Core: Health checks

3 minute read

I’m starting a new series about application observability, and the first point is health checks. In this post, I describe how to add them to your ASP.NET Cor...